"In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act." -George Orwell


The Site:

The Site is basically a collection of news stories I’ve read and felt the need to re-post and comment on. Just another voice in the progressive leftie bloggoshpere, railing against the powers that be. So typical, it’s tragic. :-/


For each article, Oldspeak is usually my commentary on the story that follows it  below the authors’ byline, on occasion Oldspeak will  just be a quote of the author  because I couldn’t have said it better myself. :-D


A non-corporate newsie, peckish politico, with a wanderlust for world affairs and all things real, looking between the headlines for underreported, unsanitized news… With the  occasional foray into random musings, & fun stuff! ENJOY!



The information posted on this blog is subject to inaccuracies (as is all under-reported information).  Some of the information is either reposted research from various internet sources, circumstantial information,  personal research & opinion, trustworthy here-say and obscure connections for which hard evidence will never be unearthed.  On the other hand, some information is proven fact taken directly from original documents and other sources, reliable first hand accounts or conclusive and verifiable research.  As always, quality of research is directly related to the investigative skill and integrity of the original researcher.  Corrections and questions for clarification are always welcome. The writer of this blog does not guarantee that anything on this blog is true.

  1. Never surrender.

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