"In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act." -George Orwell

***End Of Line***

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Oldspeak: ” I decided to take some time off from this blog in the weeks leading up to a vipassana meditation course. Took every opportunity to cultivate silence and stillness in life the world. The course was transformative. With all the distractions and diversions of everyday life removed, seeing things as they are became possible. Extremely uncomfortable at times. Observing the truth inside, unmediated, unfiltered, is pretty tough, trippy, terrifying  & ego-obliterating work. Through that paradigm shifting inner work, I came to understand that this blog, which I’ve described as “my therapy” was in actuality having no therapeutic effect atal. In fact it was a mechanism by which I’d be wallowing in and multiplying misery and suffering, a self-soothing behavior of a traumatized being. Focusing on what wasn’t here and now. Generating endless anxiety, anger, grief and fear of being unsafe, that was literally manifesting physically in my body in painful and unpleasant ways. Sitting for 100 hours over 10 days with life long accumulations of anger, anxiety, grief & fear, choicelessly observing it, smiling at it, accepting it, loving it unconditionally, put me on the path toward releasing it. Lots of deep, unprocessed reactions to life came up and were let go. I left the course 10 pounds lighter with more awareness, equanimity, strong determination and deeper understanding of the ever changing nature of this world that is wholly and completely outside my “control”. Accepting that the work  I really needed to do is inside and that I’d been wasting energy and time “screaming into the waterfall” that wasn’t even there about shit that’s not here. NO MAS. I’ve decided to stop screaming and start listening to the waterfall. Accepting that I am the waterfall. Realizing that it and all material forms are divine expressions of consciousness.  Coming to a direct experiential understanding of the words of Maharaj:

It is neither necessary, nor possible to change others. But if  you can change yourself you will find that no other change is needed.”

From here out I’m choosing to focus more on changing myself. Focusing less on what isn’t here and now. Being fully present with what is happening in the world, with less and less judgment, condemnation and despair. Practicing releasing unhealthy attachments to people, things, ways of being, thought & habit patterns that are obsolete & untrue. Focusing more on cultivating silence, stillness, awareness, happiness, compassion, compersion, joy, lightness of being, right action, understanding, healing, wisdom, gratitude, humility & equanimity. Smiling in the face of life’s tribulations and vicissitudes, keeping in mind that the laws of nature and reality are not subject to my whims, exhortations or reactions. Realizing that I’m not here to live in a prison of self-generated misery and suffering. Radically accepting that “It Is what It Is”. Resolutely walking the path to liberation & “truth which is beyond mind and matter, beyond time and space, beyond the conditioned field of relativity: the truth of total liberation from all defilements, all impurities, all suffering“. “Peace beyond passion”. I recommend you do the same. If you have the time and volition, please, take a vipassana meditation course, you’ll change your life in the most beauteous ways!

Please understand, the context in which this present moment came to be, could not have come to be without the presence at various points on this path of exceptional and extraordinary Beings. Beings with boundless compassion, wisdom, understanding, unconditional love and strength. I’ve been so grateful for the presence of these wonderous Beings, who’ve nurtured, supported and encouraged me to be me. Healed me, opened me, taught me, held space for me, challenged me & guided me to where I am today. Life has truly been the Guru. I’m grateful for the experience.

Be Well, Be Love.

May All Beings Be Happy!


  1. Sincerely…good for you. There will be that much less toxicity being carried around in this world. Carry on please.

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