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High Radiation Levels Detected In Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Pacific Seawater/Seafood Radioactive; Media & Government Turn Blind Eye

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Oldspeak:Southern California is still getting hit by Fukushima radiation at alarmingly high levels that will inevitably increase as the main bulk of radioactive  Pacific Ocean water reaches North America over the next two years. High radiation readings in Santa Monica and Los Angeles air during a 42-day period from late December to late January strongly suggest that radiation is increasing in the region including along the coast in Ventura County. Even with government, University of California and this reporter’s tests showing high radiation in the air, water, food and dairy products in this state, the state and federal governments cut off special testing for Fukushima radionuclides more than half a year ago.” –Michael Collins This ongoing disaster is an existential threat. Untold millions of tons of radioactive water has been continuously dumped into the Pacific Ocean, radiation has been detected in rain, snow, air, water &  food in a number of places far away from the west coast. Why has the level of concern of state and federal governments been so low? Why has radioactivity testing been stopped? Why is the Ventura County Reporter the only news outlet reporting on this acute threat to the lives of millions of Americans? It’s become clear that this ongoing catastrophe will be ignored until it is no longer possible to do so. By then it will be too late to do anything about it. WHY?! In the mean time people living in pacific coast bordering regions should take steps to protect themselves. Avoid seafood. Stay inside during rainstorms. Avoid the beach. Limit your time outdoors. ”

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Read more By Michael Collins @ The Ventura County Reporter:

  1. Ventura County Report is by Jesse Ventura?

  2. This nameless guy didn’t report anything and because he has no contact information, I have to use his comments to say YOU STOLE MY ARTICLE IN ITS ENTIRETY VIOLATING MY COPYRIGHT. TAKE IT DOWN AND ABIDE BY FAIR USE LAWS. You are not doing me or the information favors ripping me off.

    • Hi Michael,

      I never claimed to report anything. No one is trying to rip you off. I don’t profit off this site. I’m simply trying to make people aware of the the information you did such an awesome job of collecting and reporting. I made every effort to make very clear that the story was written by you (the byline and link to article), and provided your contact information and where it was originally published. Isn’t the point of reporting on this ridiculously under reported catastrophe to get the information out to as many people as possible?! If it’s really more important to you to keep this information to cloistered on your site and your site only, fewer people will see it. I’m spreading the word! I apologize for not asking for your permission before blogging about it, It’s never been a question in the hundreds of articles I’ve blogged about. Can we come to an agreement on how to use it fairly?


      • How about you stuff telling me what I do with my reporting up your righteous hooey? “The point” to my reporting is that it is MY reporting, not yours. You may NOT use my entire article. Period. You may link to it only, using one or two lead paragraphs. Period. Use of the Ventura County Reporter cover is a violation of their copyright too. They will take action against you as I will as well. I don’t know what country you’re from where you think stealing people’s work is somehow justified by your intellectual theft-based site, but where I’m from, my work is MY work. TAKE MY ARTICLE AND THE COVER ART DOWN. Since you’re such a saint, why don’t you go out and do some reporting? TAKE MY ARTICLE AND THE VCREPORTER COVER ART DOWN!

  3. I understand your anger, but the insults are unessesary Michael, really. I’m on you side! What you call “righteous hooey” some people appreciate, thx much. Again, I made it very clear in my blog post that you wrote the story. Thank you for clarifying your terms of use. I’ve made the changes you demanded, no need to get your knickers in a bunch. I don’t know if you noticed but most of the internet itself is an “intellectual theft-based site”. People repost and share information they think is important ad infinitum. LOL! I am far from a saint my friend! Just a concerned citizen, trying to disseminate underreported information. Reporting is not my calling, I’ll leave it to the professionals such as yourself. I’m a big fan of your work, keep it up! I’ll be sure to refrain from blogging any of your work in the future. Have a great day. 😀

  4. Amazing…
    So much insulting rage “This nameless guy didn’t report anything (…) has no contact information”.
    Actually I got to know VC Reporter thanks to The Oldspeak Journal. And I was about to promote it… I better don’t.
    Anyway, it seems that cover is based on a fake map [“The Nuclear Fallout Map is fake simply because Australian Radiation Services -http://www.radiation.net.au/- don’t issue such maps.” http://yournewreality.blogspot.com.ar/2011/03/millions-of-americans-will-not-be.html%5D
    From a nameless guy from Argentina, best wishes to The Oldspeak Journal.

    • Exactly, you betta don’t HL. SMDH… I think you offended Michael by implying that I reported the story in your earlier comment….in spite of all evidence to the contrary in the post… Yeesh. Thx for the well wishes Sir. There’s a couple other links to related stories you can share that probably won’t trigger the same response from the authors. 😀

  5. Is this correct? = [Report = an account prepared for the benefit of others, esp. one that provides information obtained through investigation and published in a newspaper or broadcast http://diccionario.reverso.net/ingles-definiciones/report ].
    Despite you are not a Diva with contacts you do investigate to write your posts AND SPREAD INFORMATION. My compliments went to your blog.
    I do my best and I know the way I write is more understood by normal people. But, who cares?, I’m a lousy nameless.
    Thanks for your answer, Sir.
    PS = I’ll try your links later. I’m stil too scared for MC’s attack.

  6. I fixed this image today to replace another one in my blog. You might use it -for free-. No offense but the image you uploaded now in this post is too…

  7. You so seriously suck.

    • I know… can’t help it.
      How come a superstar waste his time by writing to a nameless sucker? Go save the World, we need you.

  8. Michael collins you went from me respecting your work to you being a total scum sucking douche bad who really isnt interested in the story at all but protecting your interests and assets. You are a pig. A msm pig. How dare u atttack someone who is trying to spread the word about this absolutely terrible tragedy to our planet. And that includes you. Wow what an idiot you are.

    • “For the people without de people”. A lot of guys want a better world organized by their beautifull minds, without annoying nameless intruders in the picture.
      I just love your british manners, Casey.
      Best wishes.

      • Lol british manners born and raised just outside toronto ontario. I calls em hows i sees em.

      • I live in the very south of the continent America -that explains my weird “English”-. I didn’t understand “british manners / Toronto-Ontario”. I have some data about the cute Canada, but I don’t understand that.

  9. Thanks for this information. I was poisoned by radiation while living in Tokyo for 2 months. Currently residing in Santa Monica. Good information.

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